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Vitamix Tortilla Soup Sunday, May 17, 2015, 10:10 PM


This was out first time "cooking" in the new kitchen... if you would call this cooking. We wanted to play with the new Vitamix and decided to try the tortilla soup. We used their recipe but went very heavy on the veggies and used baby kale instead of cabbage. Also, at the end, we added some corn and a can of beans plus some older tortilla chips.

Well, maybe it was the extra veggies, the kale, or something but it tasted like warm veggie baby food. Too strong of a vegetable flavor and the kale reminded us of our smoothies.

I do want to make this again but I will be nearly exact on the recipe since this just wasn't very good. I was impressed with heating in the Vitamix. That's pretty cool!

Vitamix Tortilla Soup(from Vitamix)

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