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Thai/Indian Stuffed Jalapeños plus Chinese Kohlrabi Stir-fry Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 12:00 AM



We had stuffed jalapeños at a restaurant and it seemed like something that was easy enough.


I decided to basically make Thit Bo Nuong La Lot like 2015-07-20 except fill them in halved-and-seeded jalapeños.

I wanted to use the first option on the recipe page but we couldn't find nice lemon-grass. So instead, I opted for the second option with a mix of spices (hence why it is also Indian). They are pictured below but were

I mixed them with the rest of the ingredients (plus chopped garlic). I also probably went heavy on the fish sauce.

It made a ton of peppers as you can see in the prep photos. And that was just about about 3/4 lbs of (lean) beef as opposed to a full pound!

I already knew roughly how the meat would turn out since I had a tiny bit left which I just pan-cooked. It was flavorful but SPICY (probably the tandoori chicken stuff).


Spices Mixture before beef

Baking & Result

I was unsure of exactly how long to do so I guessed at about 12-15 minutes at 350 (in the small convection oven). This turned out to be fine. They were cooked through for sure and maybe just a tiny bit overcooked but not bad. The real problem was that the meat shrank and then easily fell of the jalapeno. Not sure how ot prevent that in the future.

They came out pretty good. A bit dry but flavorful. And spicy. The meat mixture certainly had a kick but then add on the jalapeños (some were hotter than others) and it was hot!

Stir Fry

I also made a simple Kohlrabi stir-fy. Essentially, just kohlrabi with the Broccoli Beef sauce.

It was a nice side. Lots of bulk without too many calories.