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Korean Tofu Spring Rolls and Jicama Fries Thursday, March 10, 2016, 09:34 PM


I made korean tofu to be used in spring rolls. I used the regular Beef Bulgogi recipe, but again like 2016-02-25 and also added a (heaping) table spoon of Gochujang.

I did it with just tofu (half super extra firm and regular firm). I let it marinate for about 3 days. I then cooked it on the cast-iron pan. I also made curtido (with thai chiles instead of jalapeƱos).

We rolled them into spring rolls with lettuce, more Gochujang, pickled red onions, and the tofu. One nice thing about using tofu is that we were able to use the marinade as a dressing/dip. (Meredith made it as a salad as you can see).

I also made jicama fries. I had a few issues. I tried to spiralize it but it was both really dense and super wet. It kept jamming in the spiralizer and making a huge mess. I ended up doing it in the mandoline and it worked really well. I think I will do that in the future. I also then got rid of more liquid with the salad spinner (see all of the liquid below). Actually, it was super tasty!

The bigger mistake was that, I figured I was doubling it and still went way to heavy on the cayenne. I mean way too much. I also ran out of chili powder so I added some other stuff like Northwoods seasoning, and a few other things. I also did half garlic powder and half dried onion (ground more). It was super, super spicy. Kinda hard to taste through it. I will update the recipe to note that too.

Liquid from the jicama Finished Jicima Set up to make the rolls