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Romesco Chicken with Grilled Green Onions Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 12:00 AM


We made a meal heavily inspired by this Serious Eats Recipe (local), though we really didn't follow it at all except (sort-of) for the onions.

We used rotisserie chicken breast instead of cooking chicken. I just chopped it up into small pieces and then sauteed it a bit with some smoked paprika and garlic powder. Nothing special

Meredith made her regular Romesco Sauce1 except she made her life much easier and used canned roasted peppers. Honestly, when they are in the sauce, you can't tell a difference and these were so much less work!

And for the onions, we did them on a sautee pan and seared them since they didn't fit on the grill pan. Other than being a bit hard to chew, they were really good.

  1. Note to self, I should make the romesco it's own recipe page