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Kimchi Fried Rice Monday, November 07, 2016, 07:39 PM


Meredith and I made Kimchi Fried Rice from Food52 (local 1). We followed the recipe pretty closely but with less rice. Actually, we made 4 cups of dry brown rice and stored 3 bags in the freezer. I did the rice with 2:1 ratio water, to rice. Toasted the rice in butter for a bit then added water. Simmered covered for 50 minutes then rest for 10.

Anyway, we used 1/2 a pack of the Super Firm tofu cubed and stir-fried as the main meat. We also went heavy on the soy sauce. The Kimchi was the one pictured below.

We didn't have all of the other optional ingredients but we super, super bulked it up with 1/4 head of cabbage (plus a little) and a huge amount of sugar snap peas.

It made a lot of food though it was really just the rice ad tofu with calories/points.

I liked it a lot. It wasn't as good as the restaurant one Meredith had a little while ago but it was still good. I used nearly the full thing of kimchi. Next time I would use it all since this was pretty good.

And, we got to have meat-free Monday!

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