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Armadillo Eggs Thursday, December 15, 2016, 07:03 PM


Meredith and I made Armadillo Eggs, one of her favorite christmas foods from home. We made them for a potluck later in the week.

It is basically stuffed pickled jalapeños surrounded by maple sausage.

Meredith's Mom wrote up some instructions HERE (but we're not sure about the times and temp).

We followed that pretty closely. It was kind of hard to do and took a two pounds of sausage to cover the jalapeños from the one can. I think we did it pretty well and close to the recipe though we had to cook it for much longer.

We did the 250°F for the hour and then turned it up to 300°F and had to do another 40 minutes for it to look done (all on convection).

Some of them seemed to explode a bit. We may have not done a good job with cutting them and/or sealing them. Or, it may have to do with trying neufchatel instead of cream cheese.

Meredith filling them Filled with cream cheese. A bit sloppy| Ready for the oven Cut in half

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