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Millionaire's Shortbread w/ Bourbon Saturday, February 09, 2019, 11:31 AM


I made Millionaire's Shortbread (also simply known as caramel shortbread). I had seen this somewhere and decided it was a combination of two of my favorite sweets! It's basically shortbread topped with caramel and chocolate.

I decided on the NY Times (LOCAL) recipe since it actually gave temperatures1 for the caramel. I followed the recipe with only two changes:

Otherwise I followed the recipe. The only note is that I had to bake it for much longer. I think it is because of the glass pan (it was the closest in area to an 8'x8' pan). I eventually did about 50 minutes with the last 15 or so at a higher temperature.

I also think the caramel making got ahead of me. As seen in one of the pictures below, there are some burned bits. I should have mixed all ingredients and then heated while stirring. I do not think it made too much of a difference though.

I also had to kind of rush it. I cooled it with a fan until I could put the whole thing in the fridge. Even then, I had to just take the edges to serve/bring (meeting friends at a brewery). The middle chocolate was still melted.

The shortbread finally finished With the caramel. You can see the brown specs Ready to bring with us

  1. Candy making at altitude is actually a very easy adjustment. Since candy making is all about the amount of sugar and water, and since that ratio is exactly defined by the boiling point of water, you can just shift all candy temperatures by the shift in boiling point of water. 

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