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Salmon Croquettes Tuesday, August 06, 2019, 12:12 PM


From Grandbaby Cakes (LOCAL)

Meredith made these for Caroline for lunches. She subbed red pepper for the green and left out the salt and crushed/ground red pepper. She did a diy self-rising flour since we don’t buy that. Also, followed the instructions for baking instead of pan frying, 15 min at 375. She then thought they could use a little longer, so flipped them and let them go another 5 min or so. They turned out pretty well. Probably would have benefited from the salt, but Caroline seemed to like them, and it’s nothing a sauce or dip wouldn’t fix. I really liked the texture of the coarse corn meal on the outside. (2020-04-21 Note: These changes are now in our recipe book)

I ended up freezing most of them since Caroline seems to get tired of the same ol’ thing too many days in a row. I found heating them at 300F from frozen for 15 min was pretty effective. Warm, but not too hot. Perfect for baby.

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