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Oven Fried Apricot Wings Monday, October 07, 2019, 07:59 PM


I made oven-fried chicken wings. I used the sauce from a friend's recipe but I wanted to try a different way to cook the wings. I followed the directions from Serious Eats (LOCAL). I dried the wings (16 total) then tossed them with the salt and baking powder. I let them brine in the fridge for a good 25 hours!

I baked them for the 20 minutes on the first side; 25 when flipped; then two more flips at 6 min each. They came out super, super crispy! I actually set one aside without the sauce to see and it was really good.

I followed the sauce directions about halving it and adding crushed red pepper. Except that I added too much onion mix. I heated it all on the stove and tried to mix the wings into it in the pan. I ended up switching to a bowl which worked fine. It was still too much sauce as a lot of it was left in the bowl.

I really liked it. The wings were the crispiest I've ever had (or at least can remember). And the sauce was really good too though I wish I hadn't gone too heavy on the onion mix. And, like I said, I could have used less sauce. I will definitely bake the wings like this again!

Dry brining in the fridge Out of the oven. Super crispy