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Grilled Indian Chicken Kebabs and Grilled Chicken Monday, January 06, 2020, 08:26 PM


I made two different types of grilled chicken (chicken was buy one get one free so we had a lot).

The main one was Indian Kebabs that I kind of threw together. I didn't look at any one recipe and kind of just combined a few different things. I also tried to avoid spice. I mixed:

I mixed it all together and marinated chicken cubes in it overnight.

For the other one, I flattened the chicken, rubbed it with oil, sprinkled it with Montery Chicken Seasoning, and also let it sit overnight.

Grilling it wasn't anything special except that the kebabs really stuck. I need to see what I can do to prevent that in the future. The regular chicken worked fine!

We ate the kebabs with curry roasted cauliflower and store-bought naan. The other chicken is either going to be frozen or just used for meals.

Flattened chicken with seasoning Ready to grill Used up the whole grill Served with grilled naan and curried cauliflower