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Date Night at Home Saturday, January 25, 2020, 09:09 PM


We had a date-night dinner. The main thing was bacon-wrapped filet mignon we got from Kansas City Steaks as a gift. We also had bagged Asian Style salad and toasted ciabatta rolls.

The steak was supposed to be vacuum sealed but one was not so I re-bagged it. The other I used right in the package. I sous-vide cooked it at 135° for about 3 hours as per Serious Eats. I seared them on a super hot pan first with ghee and then adding some butter to the tops. I also made sure to get the sides to the bacon was crispy.

The biggest issue is I forgot salt! Both before the bag and then after searing! Oops. Next time, I will just open and rebag the steak and add salt there!

So it was a nice fancy(ish) meal and pretty easy!