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Almond King Cake Friday, February 21, 2020, 09:07 PM


Meredith made an Almond Mardi Gras King Cake using the Joy The Baker recipe used a few times before. She really picked from a few different recipes. The frosting from King Arthur Flour (LOCAL) replacing the vanilla with almond extract. Inspiration for almond paste from Serious Eats1. The only part of that recipe was the filling using

beaten together in the mixer until smooth.

One batch of filling filled one rope of dough, so she ended up making a second batch but had to use marzipan since that’s what we had. Turns out the almond paste mixture spread better than the marzipan one.

It rose slowly but did eventually rise. And she followed her own advice from the sticky buns to use a thermometer. Still, the very, very inside was a bit undercooked but really not very much.

It was very popular. In fact, the entire thing went!

Formed and ready Out of the oven Sliced

  1. No local copy since it really was just the filling and there wasn't much to it.