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Hummingbird Cake Saturday, April 11, 2020, 03:54 PM


Meredith made a Hummingbird Cake for Easter. Like last time, she used the frosting from Add a Pinch. Each cake layer weighed around 1lb 15 oz (pan included), and then it made 6 cupcakes, too.

She used the idea from here1. You make a single layer of cake and cut it in half, then glue together with frosting into a half moon shape. Then you cut a small bit out of the top and use it to make a tail. Cover with shredded coconut. She made an extra bunny to give to our neighbor friends.

She wanted to note that this frosting recipe is super soft and not good for piping or trying to do any sort of intricate decoration. Not bad for covering in shredded coconut, though.

The cake came out really good like last time! This is my favorite cake!

The batter thickness

  1. No local copy since we really didn't use it 

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