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Fiesta Burgers and Broccoli Sunday, April 26, 2020, 08:21 PM


I made "Fiesta Burgers". I basically mixed a packet of low-sodium taco seasoning into 1.5 lbs of ground turkey. While I do not consider myself a burger aficionado or connoisseur, I have done a lot of reading so I knew I was making two major burger mistakes. (A) I was super handling it to add the seasonings and (B) I was mixing salt into the patties (which makes it more like a sausage texture). I also tried something different. Like I do with chicken, rather than oil the grates, I oiled the top of the patties. I tried to pull the patties off the parchment (meh success) and flip then onto the grill. I got a few minor flare ups. Then, before turning, I oiled the top. Flipping it this time caused major flames. Oops.

They did come out pretty good though. Not a great texture but we liked the flavor.

I also grilled broccoli with Fox Point seasoning. I did better at not burning it and going for longer at a lower temp. I thought they were cooked enough but could have used more. Meredith was happy with it.

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