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Pulled Pork & Chicken Wings Sunday, May 24, 2020, 02:40 PM



I bought 10 wings from Kellers totaling 1.75 lbs (they have much bigger wings than Sprouts). I again followed Serious Eats for the dry-marinade and cooking. I debated grilling but opted instead to just use the oven.

I did the same as last time for the sauce. Just a bit of butter and Franks Red Hot. It was just enough to coat them all and absorb the flavor without being greasy or sticky.

I ate 8 of them and Meredith had the other two. They were really good. I prefer these larger ones!


Dukes Coleslaw recipe halved with extra cabbage and half of the mayo replaced with fat-free greek yogurt. It's a nice way to cut some calories and it was really not missed. She also added some (homegrown) chives.

Pulled Pork

This was the main focus for the meal. I again followed Serious Eats like last time. I made the dry-rub a bit differently:

which skipped paprika, sugar, and anything spicy.

I committed a major BBQ sin and cut off a nice chunk of the fat from the original pork shoulder. I was happy to lose some calories with this and I figured (hoped) it wouldn't make a big difference.

I spread all of the rub around (I goofed. I forgot to reserve some) and then put it in the bag and cooked at 165°F for about 26 hours.

I debated back and forth as to whether to grill it or use the oven and I opted for the grill. I made wood pouches as can be seen in the photos (I opted not to soak the wood). I grilled it for about 2 hours constantly playing with the temps to get it to hover around 300°F. I mostly just had the heat over the hot side but I occasionally had to turn up the cold side too.

At one point it was really smoking! I probably should have changed the wood packets after it died down but I didn't.

After about two hours, I "pulled" it in the mixer (the lazy way!)!

See below for some of the weights. I was surprised how much liquid came out but upon reading, that is normal. To make life easier, I refrigerated the liquid so that I could scrape it into the trash can. It turns out there was actually not a ton of fat. It was mostly water with lots of collagen.


Time Weight Comment
Raw 5.17 lbs
After cooking, before draining 5.05 lbs Presumably what it weighed going in
All drained liquid 1.70 lbs
Bone and Cartilage 0.30 lbs
Shredded 3.71 lbs WITH bowl (and after a few nibbled...)
Bowl Alone 1.59 lbs

(I need to weigh the bowl later)

Removed fat Tucked in and ready to cook Making foil packets Grilling Nice crust from the grill Shredded in the mixer

Smoke coming from the grill

Shredding in the mixer

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