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Grilled Wings and Juicy Lucy Turkey Burgers Sunday, June 21, 2020, 05:49 PM


Part Two of Father's Day meals. See Part One

The chicken wings were from Kellers but they were really small. I asked for more because of the size and they were still, overall, less weight than usual (and more bone-to-chicken ratio). I was not thrilled with them!

But anyway, I did my normal dry brine but then I tried to grill them. I had some trouble with the grill temperatures. Potentially because my wood burned, not smoked (see the picture). That combined with the small size meant that some were overcooked and a bit dry.

I am absolutely not opposed to trying the grill again but with larger ones. And the oven is still a lot easier (especially since I couldn't taste any smoke flavor).

I also made Juicy Lucy Burgers. A Juicy Lucy is a Minnesota classic with cheese inside the patty. We used the recipe from Lunds and Byerlys (LOCAL), a high-end grocery store there. We used 1.5 lbs of turkey instead of 2 lbs of beef. And WAY less cheese. Maybe we needed more since some melted out but they call for a ridiculous amount. I don't even know how to get four ounces on cheese on a burger. And they make 16 pieces for 8 x 4oz burgers. We did 8 for 4 x 6oz burgers and would have had trouble fitting them.

We did like the flavor though. We would try Worcestershire and garlic powder again for turkey patties!

Like I said, some jucy leaked out of the lucy but it was still good.

The wood caught fire