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Sous Vide Brisket and Green Beans Monday, July 20, 2020, 07:24 PM


I made a huge (18.98 lbs) thing of Sous Vide brisket using the same Serious Eats recipe. The biggest note is that I got a vacuum sealer (Nesco VS12) so, after trimming fat (3.83 lbs of it), I cut it length wise and vacuum sealed it. I used the gentle seal setting so that it didn't super compress it but it did get out all of the air. I did put a half tsp of liquid smoke in each bag.

The biggest issue, and I think it showed with the brisket being slightly dried out, is that I messed up times. I prepped it with salt and pepper on Saturday night but realized I wasn't supposed to start it until Sunday morning. So it sat in the vacuum bags "curing" overnight. May or may not have actually made a difference.

As I said, there were some dry bits but most of it was fine! I finished it on the grill with smoke from hickory. Despite the 1/2 tsp of liquid smoke in each bag and the grill smoke, I didn't think it was particularly smokey.

In the future, I want to look into making a solution to inject into the brisket with liquid smoke. I saw some recipes with that.

I froze a bunch and saved some for leftovers.

I did not keep careful track of the weights this time after trimming

Meredith also made green beans with "12 [Meredith] turns of salt". I updated that recipe accordingly

All of the trimmed fat Cut length wise for the bags Salt and peppered. Ready to cook Out of the bags On the grill Ready to cut