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Pulled Pork Sunday, August 23, 2020, 07:50 PM


I made a super big batch of sous vide pulled pork. I used a small "Picnic Roast" but it was tiny so I got a mega one at Costco. I had again modified the rub as noted on 2020-06-17.

I tried to track the weights and I probably do have it but in the end, it was just about exactly 8 lbs. (which I froze 6 of)

I tried something different for prep. I rubbed it over a bowl which was so much better since I was able to keep everything that fell. I will do this again for sure!

I divided it into 5 portions and vacuum sealed it with the "gentle" setting (and double-seal).

Ugly out of the bag 3 freezer portions ~2 lbs each

Cooking on the grill was tough as there was a lot or pork so some had to be closer to the hot side than I would have likes. Also, while nothing like the ribs, I had a small fire. I actually think it may have been the wood chips and not fat. Either way, there were some burned bits I needed to removed.

I think I would consider the oven next time. Or maybe in the winter.