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Grilled/Seared Salmon Friday, November 06, 2020, 06:53 PM


My Dad and I put together crispy salmon for dinner. The idea was somewhere between a baked salmon and my seared salmon. The salmon didn't have skin which made us change the plans a bit but it worked.

We used the spice rub from Spiced Salmon Kebabs (LOCAL). At least the basics of that. We used black sesame and skipped the crushed red pepper. We also forgot the salt and added it later.

We topped it with lemon and then cooked it on the Baking Steel on the grill. The thing is, I think the steel is hotter than when I do the seared salmon but the grill itself has less heat. Combined with the lack of skin, we had to play around.

We took them off as one but when cutting it, we saw it was not cooked enough. We put them back on for a little and even turned the thick ones on their side (as you can see in the photos).

They came out really good. I think they were all cooked correctly. Maybe a few bits over cooked and some under, but that's to be expected. The bottoms got really crispy and were delicious

Update: See our recipe book for an updated description

Large pieces. Folded over the thin part Ready to go We thought they were done Nope. A bit raw Getting the sides a bit. You can see the crisp

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