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Christmas Biscotti Saturday, December 12, 2020, 01:23 PM


I made regular Christmas (red and green cherries with pistachios) biscotti

I didn't do anything differently except I did the initial cook at a slightly higher temperature and for the longer time frame. Well, despite that, they were super raw inside. I had so much trouble cutting them that many fell apart and they were really thick! I was not happy!

I cooked them longer for the second bake to get the fully cooked. They taste great as usual but I do not know what to do about the initial timing! I will have to do some reading and thinking about it.

They look done enough! Ugh. Such a mess!

Addition Post-Mortem

As I remake these, I am realizing I also made a few errors in addition to the timing and done-ness. I should have used the offset spatula to get under them when they were hot and I should have taken them off right away to cool. I let them cool for the 15 minutes on the pan. So it was almost certainly too hot.

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