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Scallops and Green Beans Tuesday, February 09, 2021, 08:49 PM


We made sous vide scallops for our anniversary dinner (a day late). We used a frozen scallops (defrosted) from Costco. To cook them sous vide, I followed the guide from Izzy Cooking (LOCAL including PDF of page with helpful tips). We did 30 min at 130°F and then the ice-bath. I put some butter in the bag as well.

We super-seared them in butter when they were done. I think next time, we would probably try a lower heat and maybe even the full recipe here. Ours were really good but the outside was still a tad chewy. We served them on cilantro green sauce made with jalapeños.

Meredith also made her favorite green beans. And we had store-bought bread.

Finally, we had brookies for dessert

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