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Crispy Pan Pizza Sunday, February 21, 2021, 08:01 PM


I made "Crispy Pan Pizza" from King Arthur Baking (LOCAL). I measured out pan to be about 12" so I 1.5x the recipe (12^2/9^2 = 1.77x,12^2/10^2 = 1.44x). Thought this may have been too much since it was very thick. The other note is I followed Almost No Knead Bread [Bread Illustrated by America's Test Kitchen] and used some beer for the liquid. And while I 1.5x the dough, I forgot and did not increase the cheese (I did measure it though!). I felt like it covered it well still but it wasn't super cheesey.

It was pretty good. Basically tasted like cheesy focaccia, which is not bad, though not really pizza per se. I was glad I tried it but I don't think this would be our go-to pizza recipe.

Right out of the fridge. Didn't spread well More spread after resting. Before topping Ready to go into the oven Crispy sides. Cut and ready to serve Internal air structure.

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