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Hamentashen Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 06:14 PM


All 60!

We all made Hamentashen for Purim. We used my dad's Hamentashen Dough, though see the footnote about flour (we used 480 grams for the 4 cups). It seemed to work well enough.

I had planned to halve it but accidentally didn't halve the sugar so I had to quick soften (pound out) another stick of butter and used that.

I rolled it out with the yellow spacing bands. Based on some searches I think that is 1/8" thick but I could be wrong. I used the second-largest biscuit cutter. Rolling was okay though the dough softened a lot and was hard to get up (maybe it did need more flour?). I used the bench scraper which misformed the circles a bit but it was fine once pinched.

We hand't really planned any fillings other than fig butter so it was a lot of scrounging. Off the top of our head, the list was as follows but this may have missed some:

Meredith was on a tahini kick which worked well though some of the fillings were not very sweet

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