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Halal Cart Chicken Saturday, March 13, 2021, 07:01 PM


I made the Halal Cart Chicken from Serious Eats (LOCAL)

I didn't make too many changes. Notably for the chicken marinade, I used half extra virgin olive oil and half canola for “light olive oil”. I had read somewhere that it can make a big mess so I grilled it even though I still needed to clean the pans. I wish I had better char lines but this wasn't really bad. I also used about 1.5 lbs of chicken.

For the rice, I doubled the cumin and used 3 cups of water/broth. I also gave it a few extra minutes. Both changes to account for the altitude.

I didn't make any changes for the sauce but I wish I had. While the chicken was very good and flavorful, the sauce was way too sweet. It needed way less sugar. And maybe some other spices. I would definitely branch out and see what my other options are in the future.

Otherwise, it was pretty good. Lots of flavor and good all together.

For serving, we did it on spring greens with tortillas. Also, I had read the label as "harissa sauce", not "harissa salsa". That wasn't great on it.

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