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Cheese Steak Peppers and Sandwiches Monday, July 12, 2021, 07:38 PM


I had ordered a "cheese steak" at a restaurant this weekend. While it was tasty in its own rite, it was very much not even close to a cheese steak (and it was not very generous). Anyway, that gave Meredith the idea to do cheese steaks.

We bought fresh shredded beef at Trader Joes. While the peppers were baking, we saut├ęd onions and then added the beef. The beef kind of clumped so we used two tongs to separate it. Meredith used the same seasonings as last time. Meredith also added shredded cheddar to give it cheesiness throughout. We did two peppers (four halves) stuffed and then two open face sandwiches. Topped them with cheddar slices and broiled them.

They were very good. Not quite what I would expect in Philly (including being less greasy which was nice) but still delicious!

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