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Sweet Corn Ice Cream Sandwiches Thursday, October 07, 2021, 08:05 PM


These were a multi-week project.

Meredith made Sweet Corn Ice Cream [Spoon Fork Bacon] a week or so ago. She followed the ingredients but upon trying to strain through the cheese cloth, nothing went. So she just used the strainer (which also didn't catch much since the Vitamix really blends it well).

The end result batter tasted great but was very thick.

Fast forward to freezing it. This was our first time using the ice cream maker. Meredith was having trouble getting the last bit out of the bowl so she turned off the mixer for a minute. Mistake. It frozen solid. She ended up having to let it melt, get the batter, and try again later.

Yesterday we made it again. We didn't exactly know what to expect but it seemed to work...kind of. The batter was so thick that is didn't churn very well. However, it did freeze (as much as expected before putting it in the freezer) and, while it became largely solid in the freezer, it was still (barely1) scoop-able and wasn't crystalized or anything. So I guess it worked. 🤷🏻‍♂️

We served it as suggested on Hawaiian bread. That worked well to cut the sweetness.

The ice cream was unapologetically and unmistakably corn! Certainly not a bad thing but it was a strong flavor. Like I said, the bread cut it nicely.

  1. It actually bent our scoop! 

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