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Fondue Saturday, December 04, 2021, 07:13 PM


We had fondue. The main batch was premade from Trader Joes though I ended up throwing together another (much smaller) one. For mine, I totally winged it. I threw in a bunch of gruyere (maybe around half a block), some corn starch, water, and Better Than Bouillon (plus a tiny bit more salt). Totally off-the-cuff.

The Trader Joes' one was really good. Mine did the job but was stringy and needed more flavor. What was really interesting were some of the sides we did this year:

Update (2022-13-03): based on 2021-12-26, 400°F

We were very happy with these dipping options. They all worked well (except maybe the apple which was better alone). The onions were surprisingly good too! We meant to do brussel sprouts but forgot them. Next time!

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