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Matzoh Ball Soup Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 07:15 PM


I made Matzo Ball Soup but I couldn't find matzo meal so it is probably more correct to call it "breadcrumb ball soup".

I used Better than Bouillon and let the soup simmer basically all day adding more bouillon and water as needed (the former for flavor, the latter for what evaporated). I did one parsnip, 3 (or 4?) carrots, 3 (or 4?) celery stalks and one giant onion cut to stay in tact. The house smelled like Passover.

I made a double batch of Knaidlach (Matzo Balls) using 1 tsp nutmeg (1/2 per batch), no parsley (since I forgot to buy it), and butter. Breadcrumbs worked but the balls were softer than I would have liked. It'll work in a pinch but is not my preferred option. I prepped them in the morning and cooked them for about 2 hours.

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