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Grilled, Glazed Mushrooms with Bacon Monday, March 27, 2017, 02:20 PM


Originally based on Serious Eats (LOCAL)

These super simple and delicious skewers make great use the grill's radiant heat to get nice, crispy bacon, and the sugars in the sauce to yield an almost bacon-candy like flavor.

The general idea is that the mushrooms will absorb some of the bacon fat and also isolate it from burning too much.


(per skewer)


Slice the bacon into thirds. Skewer a mushroom through the stem (easier) and then fold a piece of bacon and skewer. Repeat until there are four mushrooms and three folded bacon slices.

Press together as close as possible. The mushroom stems may need to be trimmed if they are too long.

Grill on medium to medium-high for about 15-20 minutes turning every 4-5. Sprinkle salt and pepper as needed. After that brush on the sauce and let cook for 30-60 seconds. Repeat another time or two until the mushrooms are nicely glazed. The bacon should be fully cooked but not burnt.


Dripping bacon fat may cause flare ups. Keep the lid closed when possible and press the mushrooms close to the bacon to absorb some of the fat (and flavor).

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