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Hard "Boiled" [Steamed] Eggs Monday, June 01, 2015, 11:19 PM


This is a boring recipe but I keep trying to find it for reference.

There is lots of information about the best ways to do the eggs and it is often diametrically opposing. The point of contention is whether or not you get more peel able eggs from stating cold or hot. Serious Eats dives deep and says "hot". The Kitchn says "cold".

I chose the Serious Eats way. And steaming since it gets to temp much faster!

Hard "Boiled" (steamed) Eggs


Bring water to a full boil for steaming. Then (!!!) place eggs in the steamer. I used to do 10-12 minutes. At high altitude, I did 11-13 with good results. (update: From 2020-05-16, 15 minutes is good for deviled eggs)

If you can, immediately move into an ice bath to cool. Pull from the ice when cool and spin the eggs around in a bowl to thoroughly chip the shells. Peel under water.

This makes just barely "hard" eggs. You can see in the picture that the yolk is certainly solid but just barely set.

2016-09-21 Update: See the 2016-09-21 post for other timings (at altitude).

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