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Mushroom Pate


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This is Meredith's recipe. It always comes out very good with lots of flavor. Certainly tastes mushroomy but reminscent enough of pate. Takes its place very well.

The recipe is rather forgiving. The base is equal amount (about on "standard pack") the following two:

Plus usually any two of the following:


Optional Additions:


Finely chop and caramelize onions in butter or oil in a wide not non-stick pan. Add chopped mushrooms. Cook until they have released all of their liquid. Degalze with balsamic and let cook until sticking again. Deglaze with sherry or marsala. Salt to taste.

Meanwhile toast walnuts however you want (Dry frying pan on the stove tossing often works well). Chop and add to the mushroom mixture. Add anything else.

Add a bit of olive oil (around ~1 Tbsp). Blend with immersion blender (or whatever you have). Serve Cold.

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