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Bean Empanadas and Vegetable Soup


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These were very, very good. We did do some interesting stuff. For the dough[@rev], we used unsweetened, vanilla almond milk. I think it affected the browning but other than that, it was really nice. I did the normal 10-minute knead and 30 minute sit. We were really able to stretch the dough thin! They were such small pieces but we just got it very thin.

Meredith made the filling and it was incredible. It started with two rinsed cans of beans (one black and one red kidney beans). In it was:

- 1/2 onion

- Peppers

- Corn

- Peas

- 2 cloves of garlic

- adobo powder

- cumin

- dried cilantro

- cayenne (just a bit)

- sauce from chipotles in adobo (not much, ~1 Tbsp)

- Regular and Habanero Tabasco Sauce (heavier on the latter)

We were able to fill them up a lot too because the dough was really pliable.

The soup was just onions, celery and carrots. We used a mix of chicken and beef broth because we ran out of chicken. It was good but nothing special.

The points are not high....sort of. I do not remember the beans exactly but it is around 2.5 points a serving and 7 servings in the whole thing so the filling for all is about 9 Points plus. The dough is 6 for three pieces but it is actually lower with almond milk. Still, 15 points plus for a lot of food is not bad

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