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Chile Relleno Friday, March 04, 2011, 07:55 AM


This was based on a recipe Meredith and I made a lot last year. It seemed to be missing a bit of flavor but it wasn't bad. Also, the roasted poblanos did not come out very good. I forgot the cranberries/raisins.

I feel like it used to have a lot more flavor but I may be remembering it differently. It does not have a huge amount of different seasonings.

I do not know what exactly when wrong with the peppers. I think I may have roasted them for too long and possibly, I let them steam for too long.

Also, it is supposed to be served in the peppers but that has never worked before so we didn't even try. Also, the "cream" sauce was made with fat free greek yogurt. We did have some leftover pecans but not much.

Oh, also we used extra lean beef instead of lamb.

Chile Relleno with Pecan Cream Sauce (from TheKitchn)

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