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Empanadas and Patatas Bravas Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 03:20 PM



We made empanadas using the normal dough recipe (internal link so not included). The filling was similar to the past but I did some things differently. It was 1/2 an onion, somezucchini, ajalapeopepper, a hot banana pepper, and beans. Then, on top of that, I added some salt, pepper, habaneroTabasco, a bit of peanut oil (very little), and a tad of white vinegar for some bite. Also, with the addition of some salt in the dough (updated that page), everything was very, very tasty.

The patatas bravas were also similar to previous attempts. I based the sauce on the recipe used previously which I am also copying below. I pureed the tomates mostly (leaving a fewchunks) _before_adding it. I forgot thebouillonbut it wasn't missed. It probably could/should have simmered a bit more. While I followedtheirsauce, I did thepotatoesthe easy way. I just roasted them untouched at 400 for about 45+ minutes. Actually, I added some paprika to them as well for the roast (in addition to the normal salt+pepper). Also, despite making the amount of sauce for 4 lbs, we used fewer potatoes. I didn't weigh it but it was a reasonable amount for two people. (maybe a bit too much)

Patatas Bravas Sauce (from TasteBook)

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