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White Bean Eggplant and Chicken Cacciatore Saturday, January 21, 2012, 12:47 PM



The real star of this meal was the white-bean on eggplant. We had white-bean bruschetta at a restaurant and decided to try to make it ourselves. Except healthier both with ingredients and replace the bread. We made the beans with rinsed white beans, balsamic vinegar, a very little bit of olive oil and quite a bit of basil. We let them marinate for about an hour. We served them on broiled and saltedgraffitieggplant. We broiled them for about 8 minutes, then flipped them and did it for another 5 minutes. We tried to get them really roasted.

We also made chicken cacciatore (recipe) with extravegetablesand broccoli. We added too much broccoli and had to add extra tomatoes. I also forgot the thyme and bay . It wasdefinitelyokay but not the best cacciatore we have made and certainly not the best overall.

We also had a nice, seedy, bread

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