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Quinoa Patties Sunday, July 29, 2012, 09:19 PM



I followed largely the recipe from here. It called for 3 cups of quinoa and, according to a website, quinoa expands 4x. Well, I decided to use a cup of quinoa just in case. I am glad I did since It only made 2.5 cups. Good to know in the future. I made the quinoa with beef broth defeating the vegetarianism, but it can be done without. Also, it took about 18-20 minutes and not the 10-15 it calls for.

Otherwise, I used a bit of extra carrot but just one zucchini. I also added a bunch of seasonings including garlic powder, minced onion (a lot) and 21 seasoning salute. I had to use a bit extra flour (whole wheat) since there wasn't as much quinoa. It was still wet but it worked fine. I didn't have green onion. Also, I used a bit less than a tablespoon of ground thyme. I also used ricotta salata instead of parmesan cheese. I cooked them for about 17 minutes per side on 440 (yes, I cannot use normal values)

I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't be very good since when I tasted the batter it was just okay, but they came out really good! More pronounced flavor than last time and really good

Points Plus for the 11 patties:

Quinoa (1 cup dry)...17

Egg Beater (2 egg worth)...1.3

Whole Wheat Flour...2.7

Greek Yogurt...1.4

Ricotta Salata...7 (just a guess, but a very safe one)


~29.4 for two servings.

So about 15 for all of dinner isn't too bad!

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