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Pozole and Zucchini Chips Monday, September 24, 2012, 01:48 PM



I made Pozole with the normal recipe (which I am finally just including pictures of it below). I basically followed it but used canned peppers instead of the serrano. I also, as usual roasted the tomatillos in the broiler along with the poblano. I used fresh cilantro but dried parsley and skipped the spinach. Also, because I was out of regular Better than bouillon I had to use Osem, so this ended up being truly vegetarian. Also, I put everything in the pot except the beans and hominy then used the immersion blender. It made life much easier. (this is what I think we have always done). The final result was very good. I saved a big portion for lunch, but then ate way too much that night. I should have saved some more for another time. Also, after my too-hot experience with the pumpkin soup the other day, I resisted the urge to add Dave's Insanity.

I also made zucchini chips. I was intrigued since the premise of these were low heat for a long time instead of high heat for a little. I sliced them to the smallest setting on the mandoline. I think I will try the next one up next time. Anyway, I baked them based on the recipe below. I think I let them cook a bit too long since they were kind of browned, but still very good. When I use thicker slices, the time may be okay. We will see. They were good.

Pozole (From The HomeSick Texan)

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Oven Dried Zucchini (from The Tasty Bits)

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