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Chicken-Pasta-thing and Curry Roasted Cabbage Friday, November 30, 2012, 08:23 PM



This was another of my pasta-skillet-stuff creations. I pressure cooked a small chicken thigh and shredded it. I added that to wellsautedonions and garlic. I added the pasta and some water (from the pasta). I intentionallyundercookedthe pasta since it would keep cooking as I blendedeverything I added a laughing cow, some Franks Red Hot, some Siracha and a buch of other stuff (I do not remember all). It was extremely good! Lots of flavor and pretty easy. Though with shredding the chicken in the mixer and the pressure cooker, there was a lot of cleanup for such a simple dish.

I also made the roasted cabbage from here but I added curry powder. It was pretty good as usual. I didn;t take a picture of it.

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