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Patatas Bravas and Mahi Mahi Friday, January 04, 2013, 08:20 AM



Meredith and I made this at her place. We made patatas bravas. We used the regular recipe for the sauce. Or at least we used it to inspire what we made. We didn't have anything but smoked paprika. Both hot and sweet but only smoked. We also used a bit (or too much really) of cayenne. We wanted to rush the potatoes a bit so we microwaved them for 5 minutes first the roasted them for about 25.

One different thing we did was to use paprika and other sauce-related seasonings on the potatoes. I do not know what difference it made, but the entire meal was extremely good. A tad spicy but very good. The potatoes were a mix of different kinds, including purple.

We also made a Mahi Mahi thing that came frozen and pre marinated. It was coconut and something but I do not recall what. We cooked it in the pan since we were using the oven already for the potatoes.

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