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Extra Lean Beef Baked Eggrolls and Roasted Cabbage Monday, February 04, 2013, 08:23 PM



These were really good! I made a lot of filling with the recipe below...more or less. I used 9 oz of extra lean ground beef. I also used half an onion. I shredded a quarter of a large head of cabbage with the mandoline (on 3/16 of an inch instead of the usual 1/4). I also added a handful of bean sprouts and a bunch of carrots (though probably not a whole 1/2 cup). I added extra ginger. The ginger was very easy with using a spoon to scrape off the skin then the microplane. I am glad I added extra ginger. It added lots of flavor. I probably went heavy on the oyster sauce (which, BTW, I bought about 2 years ago and it doesn't expire for another 3!). Finally, I added garlic powder, 21 seasoning salute and some Daves Insanity (to really kick it up). I cooked them at the 400, but I let them go a bit longer. I forgot to use water to seal it but it worked fine. Also, I cooked the onions without oil using water to keep the temp in check. It's a great way to save on some fat.

As I said, they came out really, really good! They were very flavorful, very filling, and a greatconsistency. I kept having to turn on and off the heat since I was juggling the other dish. Still, everything cooked down really nicely. I'll definitely make this again! Oh, and it made 11 of them. I had 5 for dinner. I'll have 4 for lunch and I'll save two for sides with other meals.

I also made roasted cabbage as per usual (except again with 3/16" cut which I liked more). Again, I didn't add any oil until it was on the pan. I then added salt and spray then. Some of it was for lunch and the other for tonight. But I cooked it before the eggrolls and then put this pan back in for the last 4 minutes to warm it up.

Points Plus for the whole thing:

11 eggroll wrappers...16.5

2.5-3 tbsp oyster sauce...2

9 oz extra lean ground beef...9


=27.5==>2.5 each (WW says a regular pork eggroll is 6)

There was (guessing) 5 servings (10 tsp) cheese in the cabbage so that whole thing was 3.

So dinner was 15 rounded!


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