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Zucchini Fritters and Reuben(ish) Sandwich Wednesday, February 06, 2013, 08:38 PM



First, I madezucchini fritters. I added the normal extra stuff, plus some chili powderand curry powder to mix it up. They came out pretty flavorless today. Maybe I need more salt and/or seasonings. I did use the Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick and I am a convert. No pam needed and they came up easily, which has never happened before. I think next time, I will cook them for longer at a lower temp to get the insides a bitmore done. They always seem to be somewhat mushy inside

I also made a Reuben(ish) panini on a Flatout "wrap." I used about 0.3 lbs of corned beef slided thin and folded. I used slices of swiss which were pretty thick (and I do not think low fat, but I counted accordingly) and LF thousand island dressing. I used the paninipress on medium-low for a while, but I think too long since the cheese kinda melted everywhere. Still, it was very, very good. It held together nicely and the flat-out bread was just thick enough. I also prepped another one and wrapped it tight in aluminum foil and froze it. I can easily just throw that on a (very low to defrost) panini press in the future for dinner.

PointsPlus for thezucchini

1/2 cup white whole wheat flour...6

Egg beater plus others...1



PointsPlus for Reuben(ish) sandwich

Bread...[low] 3

Lite 1K Dressing...1.5

1/3 lbs Corned Beef...5

2x Swiss Cheese....4.5


14 Points Plus

The sandwhich came out pretty high, but I guess the whole meal at 21 isn't too bd

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