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Dirty Brown Rice and Kale Chips Monday, February 11, 2013, 08:04 PM



I made dirty (brown) rice in celebration of Mardi Gras this week. I followed this post for pressure cooking the rice (I used 1/2 cup dry rice) with chicken broth. While it was cooking, I sautéed an onion (using the technique where you use a dry pan and add water to deglaze/cool it). I then added sliced gimme lean (half a thing). Once the rice was done, I put sliced carrots and celery in the pressure cooker (since I forgot to add it earlier and let it cook so I needed to cook it faster). I also added lots of Emril's Essence to the vegetables, the rice and the whole combination when it was all done. It was very good but a bit salty. Maybe too much essence.

I also made kale chips using the notes from here except I went with them for only 18-19 minutes. They were extremely good. Also a bit salty, but a nice crisp, and lots of flavor. Kind of reminded me of the seaweed crisps I like to take for lunch but with a bit more mellow flavor.

Points plus for the rice:

1/2 cup dry brown rice...8.5

1/2 thing (3.5 servings) gimme lean...4


Figure 13 points

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