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Falafel and Za'atar Dip Monday, May 06, 2013, 02:16 PM



I basically did my normal falafel but I went heavy on the spices and added garlic powder and lots of za'atar. I also really let it cook for a long time (25 min/side). I do not know which change made the difference, but they came out exceptionally well! Lots of flavor, lots of crunch, etc. They even tasted like they were fried. I think making smaller balls helps that since there is just so much more surface area. Plus, then you get 20 little falafel which is more than enough food!

I also made za'atar-garlic dip. I just mixed a lot of za'atar and garlic powder in fat free greek yoghurt. It gave the meal some more protein and it tasted pretty good!

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