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Broccoli Chicken Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 08:54 PM



I made broccoli chicken using the broccoli beef recipe. Unlike last time where I used canned chicken, I used real, sliced chicken this time. I had a lot of broccoli so I steamed half normally and I steamed the other half in the microwave (~3 min worked well). The only problem was that I didn't think to drain it and I poured the leftover microwave-steaming water into the pan. As you could imagine, things got watered down. I also used liquid aminos in place of soy sauce

Overall, it was pretty good other than being a bit watery. I will be more careful of that next time. I liked doing it with_real_ chicken. It's not as good as beef but my original plan was to use seitan and I ran out of time. I had chicken defrosted for a different meal so I used that instead.

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