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Lentil Taco Cupcakes Monday, December 02, 2013, 08:43 PM



I made lentil taco cupcakes (with the regular method) as I have done before. I reduced the lentils to 3/4 cups (and 1.5 cups water, simmered for 10 min then drained). I sauted half an onion, a juillened zucchini, half a green pepper, and a jalapeƱo. I then added the lentils. Instead of just taco seasoning in water with extra spices, I did about 1/3 cup hot salsa, some water, taco seasoning and other spices. The other spices included chipotle powder which added a nice extra punch. When I mixed that into the rest, it was not wet enough so I added some white wine and let that cook down.

They were really good today. Last time I wasn't as impressed but they were better tonight. The shells were nicely crispy and the filling was well seasoned and flavorful. The filling was just enough making me thing that 3/4 cups lentils==2/3 lbs beef is a pretty good relation.

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