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Potsticker Meatball Soup Thursday, January 08, 2015, 08:40 PM



We made Potsticker Meatball Soup from I Breathe...I'm Hungry. We basically followedtheir recipe for the meatballs (with turkey) and with regular flour. We also madetheir broth.

The biggest difference was that we usedzucchini noodles instead of shirataki. And a ton of cabbage and other veggies.

The meatballs were ok. A bit dry but reminiscent of potstickers. The broth was also pretty good. Not amazing; but good. We did use too much crushed red pepper.

The realproblem was that we had too many veggies and not enough broth. It became like eating nearly-raw veggies. If we make this again, we'll fix the proportions.



Potsticker Meatball Soup (from I Breathe...I'm Hungry)

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