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Grilled Pimento Cheese and Tomato Soup Friday, September 04, 2015, 08:00 PM


Meredith's parents were in town and we had been telling them about this meal so we decided to try to make it again. It was a group effort with the Huffsmith family helping.

Pimento Cheese:

We followed the same recipe as last time except that we halved it. There is a good bit of just playing involved and tasting the different things. We made the same changes as last time (including tabasco, smoked paprika, etc) but also subbed green onions for the cilantro/parsley since the store was out of it. We also again used a mix of actual pimentos and roasted peppers.

Meredith made the grilled cheese (pictured below) on sour dough (and each person got half a sandwich).

Tomato Soup

I again made the tomato soup in the Vitamix using the friction heating. We did not have leftover cobbler filling so I caramelized 1.5 onions and a shallot to then add. Again, a lot of it was to taste, but the ingredients were:

I think that was it though I may have missed something. Anyway, we heated it in the Vitamix and got a very light, airy soup. I think the heavy cream got so beaten in this one which is why it was lighter feeling than last time. Still, very good!

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