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Seared Salmon and Leftovers Tuesday, December 08, 2015, 12:00 AM


Simple meal of seared salmon and leftover (really, extra) corn-pudding from the other night. The salmon was done with Penzeys Northwoods Fire seasoning. The website describes it as:

What could be better than two types of Northwoods Seasoning? Northwoods Fire has the same great flavor as the original, with the added kick of smoky ground Chipotle and hot Cayenne red pepper. A wonderful seasoning for all grilled foods--steaks, fish, chicken and chops, even grilled vegetables.

Hand-mixed from: coarse flake salt, paprika, ground chipotle pepper, black pepper, cayenne red pepper, thyme, rosemary and granulated garlic.

Anyway, we baked the corn pudding from cold for about 20 minutes at 350. That was enough to get it warm, but it (for better or worse) wasn't too hot. I think if it got hotter, it may have leaked or spilled. I think I may have liked them more tonight, but that could have also just been in comparison to everything else.