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Chili Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 12:00 AM


We made chili again using Kenji's Recipe (local). We followed the same basic changes as last time (2015-11-02) except we used about 0.85lbs of lean bison (all they had left). I think other than that, we tried to add as little water as possible to the paste. And we skipped the alcohol and sugar at the end.

Therefore, as we noted before, the biggest difference is to do the beef around the time you do the onion and to skip simmering the beans.

It came out really good as we had hoped. Lots of rich flavors and no grittiness. The only thing is, it makes about 4 (large) servings. In order to not be having half a can of beans at each serving, I think we will try to cut that down and then maybe add bulk in some other ways.