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Surf 'n Turf for our Anniversary Sunday, February 12, 2017, 10:19 AM


We usually like to go out for our Anniversary and stay in for Valentines's Day but Whole30 is making us flip that a bit.

We decided to make Surf 'n Turf for our special meal. We made lobster tail with our favorite green sauce but with ghee for butter. And for the steak, we used two small tenderloin pieces sous-vide at 133.5°F for about 2.5 hours and then seared.

Meredith made the broccolini and it came out really well. She used a bit of ghee with some

They were really good. Nice flavor and a bit of spice.

It was kind of a small meal but everything was really good. Especially the tenderloin which had a nice sear and was cooked perfectly inside.